Jan. 17th, 2012

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My next cosplay will be this amazing man from Black Butler!

(I don't own nor did I color the picture. Just found on the interwebz)

I already found my wig today. It's not as long as I would like, but I have less then a month to make the costume, so I can't be picky. I'll add length to it later, when I can order a wig without paying out the nose for express shipping.

Also located lace up, knee high, gothic platform heeled boots that FIT at Savers for $8!!! A huge score of a find and with a few belts added on they will be perfect for the costume! Found a cameo necklace for supercheap that I can use as part of his belt too!

I'm gonna keep updating my journal as I find and make pieces. Keep an eye out for pictures, I'll probably post them as I start putting things together. But for now, I have Puu's and super cute little creatures to make to sell for Anime Milwaukee!

Undertaker, Or the sex god. Do not own.

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