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Pandora Hearts

I didn’t get too far on this one. I made it about partway through the first episode and was turned completely off by the crackiness of the maid looking for the main character. I dunno, I expected something a bit better put together and not so much crack right away. It really turned me off to the series and I’ve decided I’m not interested. Feel free to give me a reason and maybe I’ll look back at it.

High School of the Dead

This series sounds completely up my alley with the zombies and being anime and such. Two of my main loves combined into one, right? Meanwhile I tried watching it and HOLY CRAP ecchi! I understand you’re a newer anime with a bigger budget, but must you use that budget to animate the movement of boobs every time there is a girl on the screen? *groan*

Aside from that fact, the series is seriously growing on me in the first episode. The main character isn’t some backbone-less boy who grows up during the course of the series, no he sees the first zombie attack and immediately goes to get his friends and weapons to get out of the school. And when one of them doesn’t believe him he slaps her to show her how serious the situation is. This main kid is awesome! I can’t wait to see them kick some zombie ass. (Meanwhile I am not impressed with his love interest.... she's annoying.)

I wish this were a video game I could play.

Loving this main character, Takashi, because he’s got his head on through this. He sees the first attack and he is smart, even noticing that it’s just like horror movies he’s seen. He’s the kind of character I want to root for ^_^

In conclusion after one episode? I’m so watching more of this!

LOL, the music in the end of the first episode even sounds like its from 28 days later!

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