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So some of my friends know, but not all of them, I'm currently in the process of taking one of my old fanfics and shaping it up to be a novel. There have been some major changes to the story and now that I'm done with my first draft, I'm quite happy with it.

Originally: This was an AU gundam wing fanfic about Trowa meeting Quatre and saving him from the manager of the circus.

I've altered quite a bit and now that I'm starting into draft two (now with extra information about what happens at the circus thanks to some great research on Netflix) I've realized that if I am serious about this, I should probably take down the fanfic. It is a completely new story now and I will be deleting the story from and such so that when I get this published (wishful thinking go!) I won't run into any issues because there's something similar online.

Sad thing is I'll loose all the comments on it, which is... holy crap a lot! But I'm reading through them now for tips of how to tweak the story. Chances are you might still be able to find the story on mailing lists, but I'm going to do my best to delete it because it's being written as a gay romance and that old one is soooo much different now then what I'm working on.

It was called The Circus, for anyone who cares, heh.

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