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Since getting back on losing weight at the beginning of the year (it was delayed due to the buying of the house) I realized today that I've actually dropped a pant size. I went to buy pants yesterday to alter for the Undertaker and when I put them on today to play some Dance Central in I realized they were a size smaller then I normally get. So I am shrinking!

In a good way!!

The following is from back before we bought the house (over six months ago), because that's when I officially started keeping track but it's keeping me motivated!

I've lost 24 pounds!!

I'm still back on my no pop of Mt Dew thingie and drinking lots of water. Also trying to make sure I eat more fresh veggies each day. On the long weekends when I work I make a salad and meals for myself so that I'm not craving food and it's been working great. Also have found a new LOVE for Luna bars, they're so nummy!

Oddily enough I can't wait to go grocery shopping on friday and get a crap ton of veggies and fruit to start making shakes. And then I get to weigh myself again at work and see how much I lost (since I don't have a scale at home, I only know when I get to work on the weekends)

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