Jul. 8th, 2012

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I haven't been keeping this up lately and I feel a bit bad, so time to catch up on things. Because I've been watching a lot of anime lately.

Guilty Crown - Ending
Spoilers ahead, obviously )

Kids on the Slope...
Yep, still hooked. Still watching and on episode 8 now...

No. 6, Episodes 1-7

Shion is a brilliant student who just happens to, one night, help a fugitive about his same age. Several years in the future Shion runs into the same fugitive, Nizumi, as he discovers a parasytic bee that appears to be infecting people in his futuristic utopian city and sucking the life and youth right out of them.

This series, which I started watching thanks to a music video I found, is really really good. I'm sad to find out that it's only 11 episodes long and the only reason I haven't watched it all yet is because two of the episodes aren't listed on hulu and I have to find time to watch them on Crunchyroll instead. (Read: I have a crappy computer). But this series is really good at illustrating the two very different characters that are drawn together by circumstances. The underlying plot of the city, No. 6, and the bees is interesting, but the central part of the story is the two characters and how their personalities are reflections of the worlds they come from. I can't wait to see how this anime ties it all together in the end and really need to watch more of this now!
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Arita is the pudgy kid at school that everyone picks on. In this world, everyone has a computer around their neck and can drop into a virtual world by muttering a couple words. Our main character happens, by chance, to make friends with the student council vice president who shares with him a special program which allows him to access a secret virtual world that most people don't know about and hopefully improve his life in that world and the real one.


The concept behind this show is very interesting and very fitting for the current world of things like Second Life and other MMORPG's. I like the idea and while I'm not a fan of the super ultra cutesy anime style, I can let that slide to watch more of this series. I want to know why the girl is so intent on recruiting him, because I don't completely believe her explaination. So I guess we'll see. Sadly I'm not as passionate about this series as I was with Fate/Zero and Guilty Crown and No. 6, but it's still good.

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