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Dear High School of the Dead,


You started being interesting and your concept about following a group of teenagers as they tried to survive the zombie apocalypse was good. I liked your characters in the beginning, especially the first three and I was all on board, ready to watch you in marathon form while sitting in my craft room making anime plushies.

However there are several issues with your series that seriously piss me off and I feel the need to rant.

The main issue with your series is the sheer amount of nudity, boob bouncing, panty shots and insulting female characters. Do not hand me an awesome kendo master who can hold her own against zombies and keeps her head in the situation.... and then decides to wear just an apron while she's 'doing laundry' and cooking. No self respecting woman with that much strength and character would prance around naked or near naked in a kitchen just because she was washing her clothes.... and the same self respecting kick ass woman would not FORGET TO PUT ON HER CLOTHES when the team leaves the apartment in a Humvee! The owner of the house they were in is taller then her for goddess' sake! She would at least throw on a t shirt and a skirt or something!

The other female characters are not better by any means and while your male characters are interesting and the two main boys are even awesome, their being surrounded by these ditsy cotton candy brained big boobed bimbos has turns this zombie fan completely off from your show and I seriously love all things zombies, so this has very much disappointed me.

No love in any way

P.S. I watched to episode 8, I put up with your crap that long and now I'm done.
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