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The series is cute, almost sugary so, but there’s this underlying atmosphere that catches you at the beginning and keeps pawing at you to watch more. Especially during the magical battles, I don’t think I’ve liked a magical battle concept this much since Fate/Zero and Loveless.

So the basic plot is that in this futuristic world there are magical girls who hunt down witches. When you make a contract to become a magical girl you get any one wish you want granted, but then you’re required to hunt down witches, which are creepy paper cut out creatures that cause sadness, suicides and all the bad things that can happen to people.

Like I said the series is very cute and sugary, but the atmosphere during battles is dark with this odd style of fighting stop motion paper cut outs which really makes it feel like a different world that these ‘witches’ come from. The style reminds me a lot of Princess Tutu and When They Cry, where it was sugary cute, but under that there’s this really dark plot that lurking which I’m sure will be exposed as more time goes on. Right away I can tell this is one of those series that will hopefully have an amazing patented anime mind fuck at the end, which is just how I like it.

I especially love the little details of the series. The school has glass walls, there are moving pictures in the back and they even added the detail of making the boards digital with the pixilation and everything. I also love that Madoka’s parents and little brother are actually fleshed out and parts of the series. They aren’t forgotten in the background, like they are in so many other series.

And more for the atmosphere? After three episodes they really aren’t fighting with magical wands and sparkly make up, instead we have magically appearing guns and explosives. It’s a cool change.

Overall.... damnit. Hooked on another series? REALLY?!

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