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Rin is the typical misunderstood thug who tries to do the right thing, but the people around him only seem to see the fights and destruction that his bad luck causes. This is componded by the fact that his twin brother, Yukio, seems to be the golden child who finished school and is heading off to study to become a doctor with no fights or issues under his belt.

But after a few more unlucky circumstances, Rin starts seeing things that can't possibly be real. A flying impish beachball with a monkey face? Little dust particles with faces? Something is definitely out of place.

Turns out that Rin is actually part demon. But not just any demon... he's the son of Satan and in spite of the priest's attempt to protect him, and now he knows the truth.

My thoughts:

Having studied world religions in college, it tickles me to no end whenever anime/movies and other media take bits and pieces from other religions and mold them to fit their own styles. It makes for interesting stories, characters and new view points that you would have never considered because you're so used to it being one way.

That said I like this series!

I like their protrayl of the demons and how only certain people can see them, but the rest of the world walks around oblivious. I like their protrayl of demons and Satan as a chaotic almost comical characters as in a world of control, they have none.

I will be adding this to my queue to watch ^_^
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Neo Angelique Abyss Pictures, Images and Photos

Angelique is, of course, a normal school girl whose life decides to take an interesting turn when an attractive young man shows up at her school refering to her as the 'miracle girl'. This young man is building a group of 'purifiers' to help him fight against the Thanatos, creatures that are attacking people in this world.

The series is very stylized, with beautiful art and the costumes the characters wear make them stand out come the standard. But aside from that, we have the standard harem series where a young girl is told she's amazing and surrounded by many differnt suitors all battling to protect her and for her attention.

It's a pretty series, but really doesn't seem to have much more substance then that. You can tell it's based on a dating game of some sort, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I think in this case I'm happy that there are only four episodes on Hulu. Then I don't feel guilty for wasting my time on an anime series purely for the eye candy.

Well that and there's only two episodes on Hulu... oh well. Guess that's where I stop until they post more, if they ever do.
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Oops, haven't posted for a while. Thought I'd throw one of these up here before we take off to E3 on Monday!!

Kids on the Slope Pictures, Images and Photos

Kids on the Slope: Episode 1-3 )
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Inu X Boku Pictures, Images and Photos

The story starts out innocently enough, with a young jaded and socially awkward girl, Ririchiyou, moving into a new apartment complex where people who live there are each assigned their own Secret Service agent. From the beginning it sounds like a stereotypical harem anime series with one girl surrounded by many suitors of various personalities... or does it?

In the beginning of the first episode you’re told they want people to think that this apartment building is for rich people with a secret service agent and that’s what they want people to think. Nothing else is said about it for the first episode but by the end, the true nature of the series is revealed: this apartment building is home to a group of half breeds who are human but have demon blood somewhere back in their family lines and thus nothing is very normal inside this building.

Sounds interesting enough, so after three episodes to assure myself it’s not just another harem series, I’m pretty much in.

The character of Ririchiyou is interesting. On the outside she’s a cynical and smart ass girl who not only pushes people away from her, she shoves them out the window with her short comments. In this way and in her other mannerisms she reminds me of Ciel from Black Butler but not nearly so dark. In contrast this girl is quite a bit more innocent and as the episodes progress she is trying, whereas Ciel demands you take his road or no road at all.

Her secret service agent is actually a 7-9 tailed white fox called Soushi (I couldn’t get a count of all of his tails during the episodes) who is her loyal dog in all ways and wants nothing more then to happily serve her every want. This is the dynamic that I hate about harem anime, but here it works. She’s so jaded that she doesn’t know what to do with him, and he is a lot deeper then just wanting to please her - there’s hints that there’s something he’s trying to make up for with these actions, something darker? - so neither are brainless in this devotion and it doesn’t completely turn me off.

I like the dynamic between the two main characters and I very much want to learn what other supernatural creatures are living in that apartment building. I think I’m going to chalk up my like of this series to my love of learning about the mythology of other cultures. Honestly if that weren’t part of it, I don’t think I would give this series the time of day. It’s a little too cute for my normal tastes but with that plot point... damn, hooked anyway.
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This entry contains spoilers!

Ending of Loki Ragnarok )

After watching part of episode 3 I have decided to drop this series. The voice acting is so undermotivated that it takes away from the entire show. So I'm done now.

Guilty Crown 17-18 )

Ending of Persona 4 )
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How to Dissect a Costume into a Cosplay

This tutorial is intended to be a doorway for those who would like to step into the world of cosplay. While I'll use one or two costumes as examples, hopefully these instructions will be able to provide you with the tools to dissect your own characters in preparation to begin your own costume. And while I'll be using anime examples, this doesn't apply just to anime, you can easily use these instructions for Disney characters, original creations, movie characters - whatever!

Beginning: Selecting a costume

This will probably be the hardest part, or possibly the easiest. Chances are in looking for a tutorial like this, you already have in mind one or two characters you'd like to try to cosplay as. If not, then think about it for a moment. Is there a character who is your favorite? Is there a character that resembles either your looks or your personality? Are there characters your friends are dressing up as and you'd like to match? You can draw your inspiration from pretty much anywhere as a starting point. But you'll need a character to proceed.

As an example? My partner and I want to cosplay as Sol and Ky from the video game Guilty Gear. We've loved the video game for a long time and it's about time we dress up as the characters (because we've been talking about doing it for ages and it's never gotten off the ground).

When picking a costume, there are some important things you want to keep in mind. Keep in mind your skill level. If you've never sewn a costume before, you might want to start with something that's a bit easier to construct. For this, look at the main shapes of the costume. If it consists of a kimono or a simple pair of pants and top that's going to be a lot easier then a full blown dress with a corset top and a skirt made of belts.

Think about your hair. Do you want to wear a wig for the costume? While this may sound incredibly important, it can actually be trivial. Some characters you can get away without a wig, but in most cases the costume will look its best when you attempt to match all the details and that does include the hair color and style.

Important note: Body size and skin color.
When picking out a character, several people are deterred away from costumes because of their own skin color not matching that of many characters or because their body type is larger than the standard anime character. I speak from experience that you shouldn't let these scare you away from making and wearing awesome costumes! Just keep a few simple things in mind:

If your skin is darker, match your hair. Depending on your skin color, you may or may not look as good with a bright colored hair. For example, Princess Peach has bright blond hair, which might clash when paired with dark brown skin. So the easy way to fix this? Consider going with black or brown hair close to your natural color in the same style.

If you're larger than the standard anime character - and lets face it, in reality most people are - don't let this deter you either. Granted you may not look as good in a bikini or school girl's uniform, but several characters have large ornate costumes that look quite good on full figures. Larger hips and curves add volume to large dresses and actually make them look better. Don't let this scare you away from costumes at all, just take a moment to consider what will look best on your body type, because everyone should be allowed to enjoy cosplay!

Brawl - Princess Peach by ~snowtigra on deviantART
((My partner Chibi as Princess Peach))

Stay tuned for future parts!!
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Back when I originally heard of this series, anime was expensive as hell and on VHS tape. You could get 3 episodes if you were lucky for $30. Around that time when I saw anime VHS tapes in the clearance bin for cheap I bought them no matter what they were, and that’s how I discovered the old version of the series Guyver. At the time I’d thought it was really interesting because it was dark and the oldish style gave it flavor that I liked. I never did get to see the whole series and as more series came out, I ended up selling most of my VHS tapes for dvds and forgot about it.

Now, there’s a remake of the series dubbed by Funimation and easily found on Hulu, so I finally decided to give it another try, hoping that it would be even remotely close to what I vaguely remembered liking about the original.

After watching the first two episodes today, I’m disappointed, but then I don’t clearly remember too much about the old series other than liking it, so I’m not even completely sure what I was expecting.

The most glaring obvious problem is in the first episode and you notice it within the first few minutes: we have a bad dub. I’m not sure how this went wrong because Funimation can usually be counted on for great dubs with great scripts that really pull you into the story. However, this one is dull and unmotivated with most of the characters introduced in the first episode sounding like they’re sleeping or reading a bad fanfic out loud. The two characters who do really stand out are simply annoying, such as the valley girl on the student council and the random scottish detective. O.o Luckily the issues with the bored voice actors seem to clear themselves up after the first episode, because the second episode was much better and the voices seemed much more engaged.

There is an issue of scripting, but it’s not wholly Funimation’s fault and might actually be related to the anime itself. Let me give you an example. In the first episode when these two cops walk up to a crashed car to see if the guy is ok they don’t seem worried in any way, even though his car is halfway up on the guardrail next to a cliff with the door hanging open. And when they get to the car, they ask the man if he’s ok, ignoring the fact that his face is planted against the steering wheel enough to make the horn go off. I think those cops need new jobs... no wait, they’re dead, never mind.

The final thing that has me worried is the main character. The first episode starts out with a girl talking, speaking about the events retrospectively as if she were introducing us to a dramatic shoujo series... except she’s not and she’s not the main character. The boy she likes is, so that initial shoujo series feel doesn’t fit. And when we do meet Sho, he’s completely dull and unmotivated.

I am very used to the staple characters in anime series aimed at men - shounen - where the guy is normal and doesn’t stand out and doesn’t know what to do with his life. Then something pops up and shoves him into the spotlight. That’s exactly what happens here but, the character is generally apathetic throughout the entire first episode and most of the second. The times when he doesn’t react or scream seem forced like he doesn’t actually mean it. (Might be a dubbing issue, i’m not sure as I haven’t seen this subtitled). He’s not into what just happened and while that’s normal from Guilty Crown back to Evangelion, here it’s so uninspiring. By the end of the second episode I still couldn’t convince myself to care too much about the main character. So the show has one more episode to convince me to watch it before I move on to something else.

Things I do like?
I still like the concept of the monsters and the bio armor. It’s got all the potential for a good story, it just hasn’t shown up yet. I really like Sho’s best friend, the sci-fi geek. Unlike Sho he seems very realistic and down to earth and I’d like to see more of him, but he and the story aren’t enough right now to keep me invested. We’ll see how the third episode goes...
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For those who may not know, I am extremely into Cosplay, which is the hobby of making costumes of your favorite anime characters that you can wear to conventions and events when you hang out with other anime fans. I love the challenge of taking a 2 dimensional picture and trying to reproduce the outfit as true to form as I can and I’ve been heavily into it since 2000.

This project came about when I found out, nearly a week before Anime Detour 2012, that one of my good friends received her costume back from the person she’d commissioned to change it in unwearable condition. I don’t know the whole story behind what happened to the original costume and I honestly figured that the important part was to work toward fixing it, so I volunteered to look into making her a replacement dress that could work for this convention, or at least until she could find one that worked better. From my experience in costume making I knew I could make a dress pretty quickly, as long as it wasn’t too detailed, so I pestered her to find out what she wanted and said I wanted to help out.

The Costume:

The character is Ukraine from the series Axis Powers Hetalia.

Her costume was actually a wedding variant that the character would wear, based on the country colors and her personality. So it’s a simple dress in white with small blue and yellow accessories and sunflowers.

Her simple sketch of what she was thinking:

Accessories picture:

Working on the dress:

The first thing I did was look for the simplest pattern possible. Those who sew know that Simplicity and Butternick/McCalls have sections for dresses and patterns that only take a couple hours to throw together. I looked on Simplicity’s site and found this dress under their “Its So Easy” tab. Throw in a 40% off coupon for Hancock fabrics and taadah!

There wasn’t too much special about the construction of the dress. I followed the pattern close to the instructions provided and only left out the zipper on the back. My reason being that she won’t be in town to try it on until thursday, and I would prefer to not have to rip out the zipper if I have to when I make slight alterations to the dress to make sure it fits.

I did manage to make the dress in a day, minus the alterations and the zipper part. Now I don't currently have a picture up yet, because I haven't had a chance to take one. However there will be a part two to this entry where I'll have pictures of the dress finished and hopefully her looking lovely in it ^_^

(Also not posting pictures yet because the finished project is a surprise for her partner to see how it looks. Wouldn't want to ruin that too early!)
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Pandora Hearts

I didn’t get too far on this one. I made it about partway through the first episode and was turned completely off by the crackiness of the maid looking for the main character. I dunno, I expected something a bit better put together and not so much crack right away. It really turned me off to the series and I’ve decided I’m not interested. Feel free to give me a reason and maybe I’ll look back at it.

High School of the Dead

This series sounds completely up my alley with the zombies and being anime and such. Two of my main loves combined into one, right? Meanwhile I tried watching it and HOLY CRAP ecchi! I understand you’re a newer anime with a bigger budget, but must you use that budget to animate the movement of boobs every time there is a girl on the screen? *groan*

Aside from that fact, the series is seriously growing on me in the first episode. The main character isn’t some backbone-less boy who grows up during the course of the series, no he sees the first zombie attack and immediately goes to get his friends and weapons to get out of the school. And when one of them doesn’t believe him he slaps her to show her how serious the situation is. This main kid is awesome! I can’t wait to see them kick some zombie ass. (Meanwhile I am not impressed with his love interest.... she's annoying.)

I wish this were a video game I could play.

Loving this main character, Takashi, because he’s got his head on through this. He sees the first attack and he is smart, even noticing that it’s just like horror movies he’s seen. He’s the kind of character I want to root for ^_^

In conclusion after one episode? I’m so watching more of this!

LOL, the music in the end of the first episode even sounds like its from 28 days later!
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My next cosplay will be this amazing man from Black Butler!

(I don't own nor did I color the picture. Just found on the interwebz)

I already found my wig today. It's not as long as I would like, but I have less then a month to make the costume, so I can't be picky. I'll add length to it later, when I can order a wig without paying out the nose for express shipping.

Also located lace up, knee high, gothic platform heeled boots that FIT at Savers for $8!!! A huge score of a find and with a few belts added on they will be perfect for the costume! Found a cameo necklace for supercheap that I can use as part of his belt too!

I'm gonna keep updating my journal as I find and make pieces. Keep an eye out for pictures, I'll probably post them as I start putting things together. But for now, I have Puu's and super cute little creatures to make to sell for Anime Milwaukee!

Undertaker, Or the sex god. Do not own.


Dec. 16th, 2011 07:19 pm
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OMG. This is seriously coming out? It's real? I want!! *grabby hands*

The above is a link for a live action Kenshin movie coming out next year.

Now it's not so much that I'm a huge fan of Kenshin, but I do heart him much. I am a major fangirl about live action versions of anime. I love to see how they translate the ideas and images and atmosphere to a live action stage. Some are hilarious, some are hilariously bad and some are just stunning to watch.

I want to see this movie sooooooo much!

And when it comes out I'll certainly add it to my collection of live action anime, which no one but me watches but I love it anyway ^_^

*goes back to watch the trailer again*

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