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The story starts out innocently enough, with a young jaded and socially awkward girl, Ririchiyou, moving into a new apartment complex where people who live there are each assigned their own Secret Service agent. From the beginning it sounds like a stereotypical harem anime series with one girl surrounded by many suitors of various personalities... or does it?

In the beginning of the first episode you’re told they want people to think that this apartment building is for rich people with a secret service agent and that’s what they want people to think. Nothing else is said about it for the first episode but by the end, the true nature of the series is revealed: this apartment building is home to a group of half breeds who are human but have demon blood somewhere back in their family lines and thus nothing is very normal inside this building.

Sounds interesting enough, so after three episodes to assure myself it’s not just another harem series, I’m pretty much in.

The character of Ririchiyou is interesting. On the outside she’s a cynical and smart ass girl who not only pushes people away from her, she shoves them out the window with her short comments. In this way and in her other mannerisms she reminds me of Ciel from Black Butler but not nearly so dark. In contrast this girl is quite a bit more innocent and as the episodes progress she is trying, whereas Ciel demands you take his road or no road at all.

Her secret service agent is actually a 7-9 tailed white fox called Soushi (I couldn’t get a count of all of his tails during the episodes) who is her loyal dog in all ways and wants nothing more then to happily serve her every want. This is the dynamic that I hate about harem anime, but here it works. She’s so jaded that she doesn’t know what to do with him, and he is a lot deeper then just wanting to please her - there’s hints that there’s something he’s trying to make up for with these actions, something darker? - so neither are brainless in this devotion and it doesn’t completely turn me off.

I like the dynamic between the two main characters and I very much want to learn what other supernatural creatures are living in that apartment building. I think I’m going to chalk up my like of this series to my love of learning about the mythology of other cultures. Honestly if that weren’t part of it, I don’t think I would give this series the time of day. It’s a little too cute for my normal tastes but with that plot point... damn, hooked anyway.
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My next cosplay will be this amazing man from Black Butler!

(I don't own nor did I color the picture. Just found on the interwebz)

I already found my wig today. It's not as long as I would like, but I have less then a month to make the costume, so I can't be picky. I'll add length to it later, when I can order a wig without paying out the nose for express shipping.

Also located lace up, knee high, gothic platform heeled boots that FIT at Savers for $8!!! A huge score of a find and with a few belts added on they will be perfect for the costume! Found a cameo necklace for supercheap that I can use as part of his belt too!

I'm gonna keep updating my journal as I find and make pieces. Keep an eye out for pictures, I'll probably post them as I start putting things together. But for now, I have Puu's and super cute little creatures to make to sell for Anime Milwaukee!

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