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2012-03-24 02:37 pm

Wedding Dress in a Day (Part 1)


For those who may not know, I am extremely into Cosplay, which is the hobby of making costumes of your favorite anime characters that you can wear to conventions and events when you hang out with other anime fans. I love the challenge of taking a 2 dimensional picture and trying to reproduce the outfit as true to form as I can and I’ve been heavily into it since 2000.

This project came about when I found out, nearly a week before Anime Detour 2012, that one of my good friends received her costume back from the person she’d commissioned to change it in unwearable condition. I don’t know the whole story behind what happened to the original costume and I honestly figured that the important part was to work toward fixing it, so I volunteered to look into making her a replacement dress that could work for this convention, or at least until she could find one that worked better. From my experience in costume making I knew I could make a dress pretty quickly, as long as it wasn’t too detailed, so I pestered her to find out what she wanted and said I wanted to help out.

The Costume:

The character is Ukraine from the series Axis Powers Hetalia.

Her costume was actually a wedding variant that the character would wear, based on the country colors and her personality. So it’s a simple dress in white with small blue and yellow accessories and sunflowers.

Her simple sketch of what she was thinking:

Accessories picture:

Working on the dress:

The first thing I did was look for the simplest pattern possible. Those who sew know that Simplicity and Butternick/McCalls have sections for dresses and patterns that only take a couple hours to throw together. I looked on Simplicity’s site and found this dress under their “Its So Easy” tab. Throw in a 40% off coupon for Hancock fabrics and taadah!

There wasn’t too much special about the construction of the dress. I followed the pattern close to the instructions provided and only left out the zipper on the back. My reason being that she won’t be in town to try it on until thursday, and I would prefer to not have to rip out the zipper if I have to when I make slight alterations to the dress to make sure it fits.

I did manage to make the dress in a day, minus the alterations and the zipper part. Now I don't currently have a picture up yet, because I haven't had a chance to take one. However there will be a part two to this entry where I'll have pictures of the dress finished and hopefully her looking lovely in it ^_^

(Also not posting pictures yet because the finished project is a surprise for her partner to see how it looks. Wouldn't want to ruin that too early!)